Philadelphia for the Car Lover

Automobiles are one of the most incredible inventions of our time, and have helped shape modern life as we know it today, both in the day to day and in terms of the big picture. If you’re visiting Philadelphia and need a break from visiting historical sites, you might want to check out some of the attractions that are geared toward car lovers from around the world.

Philly Auto Show
The Philadelphia Auto Show is held every February, and has been each year since 1902. That’s over 100 years of automobiles celebrated annually at this premiere event. More than just a museum showcase of fancy vehicles, visitors to the Philadelphia Auto Show are able to sit inside the cars and really explore the vehicles. Exotic or conceptual vehicles are the only cars that have a “hands off” rule. Since the Philadelphia Auto Show is a non-selling show, there’s no high-pressure sales tactics to take away from your fun. Instead, visitors and families simply come to look around and get to know the latest trends in car design, plus explore conceptual vehicles of the future. Tickets can be purchased online or right at the entrance to the show.

Simeone Automotive Museum
The Simeone Automotive Museum is dedicated to the history of racecars. Not only does the museum itself house a collection of racing cars ranging from WWII to the present day, but many of the cars in their collection are literally one of a kind. Some are the last remaining survivor of a small production run, while others were produced as prototypes and never earned a production run at all. The Simeone truly combines the artistic nature of automobiles with an appreciation for the horsepower under the hood. They also offer Demonstration Days, when some of the cars are taken out of the exhibit and driven in the lot out back.

Getting There
Although the Simeone Automotive Museum is within cab distance, just a few miles from the airport, the Philadelphia Auto Show is held at the Convention Center, a 20-minute drive away. Rental car insurance quotes in Philadelphia, PA are available if your existing policy doesn’t cover rental cars. However, most comprehensive policies do extend their coverage to rentals, so you may not need to look for separate rental car insurance quotes in Philadelphia PA during your visit. Most visitors find that the convenience of having their own vehicle to tour the sites and grab a famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich whenever they like far outweighs any concerns over car rental costs.



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